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bioinformatics, transcriptomics, long reads, data structures

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I am a postdoc researcher working in BONSAI team (Lille, France), with Rayan Chikhi and Mikaël Salson. After a MsC in Ecology and Evolution from Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and an engineer degree in Bioinformatics from INSA de Lyon, I worked for two years as an engineer in ERABLE team (LBBE, Lyon) with Vincent Lacroix. I obtained a PhD funding in GenScale team (Rennes, France), where I was supervised by Pierre Peterlongo. I defended my PhD in 2018 and joined BONSAI afterwards.

My postdoc takes part in Transipedia ANR. Transipedia aims at being a transcriptome-encyclopedia, e.g., facilitating indexing, query and exploitation of the numerous publicly available RNA-seq data. I am mostly working on new data structures to index large collections of NGS datasets.

Before and during my PhD I worked on methods for transcriptomics, in particular for de novo variants discovery and RNA long read analysis.


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2019/2020L2 informatique Université de LilleTP/TP Algorithmique et structures de données
2018/2019L2 informatique Université de LilleTP/TP Algorithmique et structures de données
2016/20174ème et 5ème année école d'ingenieur (M1/M2) INSA RennesModélisation et ingénierie pour le vivant
2016/20172ème année cycle prépa INSA RennesTP/TP Bases de Données
2016/2017M1 ENS RennesBiostatistiques, programmation avec R
2015/2016M1 ENS RennesBiostatistiques, programmation avec R
2014/2015L1 Université Lyon 1TD Mathématiques pour les Sciences de la Vie